Unlock your UNCOPYABLE

brand and make it your marketing superpower. 


Tired of blending in? Let's rewrite the rules together! Unleash your brand's untapped potential with innovative strategies that defy convention and carve out a distinct identity in a crowded marketplace.

Here's how we can help:

We are Kay and Steve Miller.

We don't just give marketing, branding, and sales advice, we help you rewrite the rules of competition. Focusing on small to mid-size B2B companies and solo entrepreneurs, we guide you through:

Uncopyable Brand Advantage: In addition to our proven experience, we invested over 38 years crafting our expertise in helping companies, like yours, create an uncopyable competitive advantage. We work with you or your company to identify unique attributes and strengths that completely set you apart from your competition. You don't become the best choice. You become the only choice.

Results-Driven Marketing: Most companies and solo entrepreneurs suffer from clear, measurable, and vital differentiation. We help identify the tangibles and intangibles you possess, adding marketing concepts you've never dreamed of, repackaging all into a revitalized marketing strategy.

Uncopyable Sales: Elevate your sales game with Kay's revolutionary approach. Through her unique framework, Kay empowers businesses to surpass sales targets by standing out in a crowded market. Her expertise in creating memorable first impressions, optimizing communication strategies, and becoming an indispensable resource for customers sets her apart. With a proven track record of remarkable sales achievements, Kay is your go-to for driving growth and achieving unparalleled sales success. 

Innovation: Steve is an expert in innovation, and he can help your company or you come up with creative solutions to common business problems. He doesn't help you get out the box. He helps you build your own box and create new rules of competition.