Values & Rules

We are unique. We have Rules & Values that are not negotiable.

Our Values


We have a Point of View.

Our clients engage us because we are committed to showing them what’s new, what’s next, what’s important, what's possible, and what’s the truth. People do not hire us to tell them what they want to hear.


Business as usual is no longer an option.

We are allied with our clients. We inspire them to think bigger and be more successful (even if we have to drag them kicking and screaming).
We have a relentless desire to pursue novelty in what we do and how we do it. This keeps things lively and interesting.

We operate a No-Spin Zone.

IOHO, Conventional Wisdom is neither conventional, nor is it wisdom, and Common Sense is rarely Common Practice. If leaders in our re interested in protecting Status Quo, than in taking the hard road, We will not hesitate to stand up and take the unpopular stance. We have an edge.


Our Rules


Rule of Fun

We believe that we tend to take ourselves and our work too seriously. Work should be serious fun.

Rule of Family

Our family is more important than you and we expect your family to be more important than us. This means there may be times where we must choose between work and family.

Let’s choose family.

Rule of RFPs

We do not do RFPs. Don't ask.

Rule of TRUST

We will work very hard to earn and keep your trust. We hope it goes both ways. If not, this will be a short relationship.

Rule of Hoops

We don’t jump through hoops. Don’t ask for details on our previous jobs 34 years ago. Our List of Clients, testimonials, and Amazon #1 best selling books are ample resumé. 

Rule of Legalese

We do not do legal mumbo-jumbo. The longest agreement we've signed in 25 years was two pages.

Rule of Mutual Respect

We are not working for you. We are working with you, therefore we treat each other equally and with respect. If you call or email, for example, you expect and deserve a timely response. You will get it. We expect the same treatment in return.

Rule of No Ties

Steve doesn't wear a tie.(Do we really need this rule anymore?)

Rule of Value

We are not cheap. Our fees are neither based on time nor travel. They are based on the ultimate value of our participation, our own unique experiences (professional and personal), and education (Kay was Summa Cum Laude. Steve majored in electives.) If you are looking for cheap, we are happy to suggest less experienced speakers and consultants.

Steve's Rule of Travel

Steve doesn’t fly coach. In the years since airlines started frequent flyer programs, He has accumulated 6,178,546 miles on American Airlines alone (as of 09/01/2023). This is over 12,300 hours in the air, which does not include time on the ground, delayed or cancelled flights, time in the airports, or travel to and from the airports. In order for him to be fully productive, physically rested, and mentally fresh for you, he flies first class (If you can even get him in the air anymore.) 

Kay's Rule of Travel

Kay is much more flexible than Steve. You should pick Kay.