Vicious Productivity System

Most people think productivity is a time management issue. It’s not. The truth is productivity is much more about focus, impact, motivation, intolerance and stamina than about time. Focus on those activities that Impact your most important goals. Motivation to do what’s necessary. Intolerance to those outside influences that want to make you unproductive. And Stamina to keep pushing towards your valued goals, no matter the distraction.

To be 100% honest, I’m not naturally a good time manager, which bothered me a lot when I started my own business. I assumed I would need to learn how to be a GREAT time manager if I wanted any chance to succeed.

But I was dead wrong. I didn’t have to be a good time manager. I had to be a good PRODUCTIVITY manager, and that’s a very different thing.

Oh sure, time is the raw material, but just learning how to GET more things done in an hour didn’t necessarily make me productive. The capacity for accomplishing tasks equal to $10/hour labor is very different from the capacity for high-value $1000/hr accomplishment.

I learned, ultimately, our objective is to achieve RESULTS. And results aren’t based necessarily on ACTIVITY. They’re based on EFFECTIVENESS.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a solo entrepreneur, like me, or a part of a multi-national corporation. We need RESULTS. Well, here’s a news flash for you: time management doesn’t equal results. PRODUCTIVITY equals results!

Once that epiphany hit, I was determined to learn as much about productivity as I could, and then implement what I learned. As a result I became successful.

Then you know what happened? People noticed. They started asking if they could, “buy me a cup of coffee and tap my brain,” so they could learn how to be successful, too.

I said NO.

It wasn’t because I didn’t want to share what I’d learned. I said no because I’d learned the single most important factor in achieving the results I desired was to be VICIOUS with my time. And going out for a cup of coffee wasn’t going to help me achieve my goals.

Recently, however, a long-time corporate client of mine asked if I would address the issue of time management at their national sales meeting. I explained I didn’t really subscribe to “time” management, and explained about my concept of VICIOUS PRODUCTIVITY. They liked the idea. I developed the program…and, WOW, it was a big hit!

And now you can learn it, too. In fact, you can learn MORE than I taught my client’s salespeople. They only gave me one hour to teach Vicious Productivity, but I’m going to give you THREE.

In a live webinar I recorded you will learn the exact technique I developed and refined through the past 25 years. I guarantee parts of my technique will be NEW thinking to you. I dare say some aspects will be uncomfortable.

But this system works!

You will learn:

  • The results-killing traps of traditional Time Management
  • How we all get stuck in and held back by our Reactive Rituals
  • The Myth of multi-tasking and why it’s one of your Worst enemies
  • Why email kills your Productivity
  • The tools I use to stay Effective and Productive (both hi-tech and low-tech)
  • How to get more done in ONE hour than most people do in a full day

Vicious Productivity includes:

  • Full streaming video (52:05)
  • MP3 Audio-only recording for download
  • All visuals for download

Get Vicious with your Productivity!